Re opening after lockdown

With the new government guidelines together with conformation from British Gymnastics, we are now all set to re-start at The Howard School from Monday the 19th April 2021.

This will be conforming to current British Gymnastics guidelines.

We are keen to get back into the club, see all of the faces and start enjoying our sport again.

I have sent an email out to our current members asking them to confirm that they still require their spaces.

3 thoughts on “Re opening after lockdown

  1. Hi
    Could you please answer 3 questions?
    Have you spaces available
    Can you please let me know the cost
    And lastly would you take a 10 year old who is a complete novis


    1. Hi Steve,
      Q1. Depends which day is suitable for you. We have space in the Saturday class for that age.
      Q2. £5.20 paid in advance for the term.
      Q3. Yes.
      Please fill in our Contact Us for to add your child to our waiting list/system.


    2. Hi steve,
      Q1. It depends on which day you’re available. We have space in our Saturday class for that age group.
      Q2. £5.20 per class paid in advance for each term.
      Q3. Yes we would.
      Please fill in our form on the contact us page to add your child to our system.


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