All of the following Items can be bought direct following the links below.

When ordering, please remember that our club colours are Black and Red.


For our Recreational Gymnasts we have a Sleeveless Training Leotard which is for training in the club. This Leotard can be worn with or without shorts or leggings.

For our Circus skills class we have the same Training Leotard, which should be worn with leggings to help protect the legs.

The competition leotard, this is to be warn at competitions by our competitive gymnasts. Along with the our fleece and leggings.

We also have a scrunchie to match either leotard.


For recreational and competitive Gymnasts we have a boys leotard to be worn with shorts.

For recreational Circus skills we recommend the boys leotard to be worn with Stirrups.

Items for all

T-shirts are coming soon.

Jumpers have now been organised. please click here to have a look and place an order.