The Firefields range is now available from the club directly.

We will only be selling these items to parents of gymnasts currently in our club.


For our Recreational Gymnasts and Cheer leaders we have a Sleeveless Training Leotard which is for training in the club. This Leotard can be worn with or without shorts.

For our Circus skills class we have the same Training Leotard, which should be worn with  leggings to help protect the legs.

The competition leotard, this is to be warn at competitions by our competitive gymnasts. Along with the our fleece and leggings.

We also have a scrunchie to match either leotard.


For recreational and competitive Gymnasts and Cheer leaders we have a boys leotard to be worn with shorts.

For recreational Circus skills we recommend the boys leotard to be worn with Stirrups.

For our FreeG class we recommend the boys wear their own Tracksuit bottoms (no zips, buttons or buckles)  with one of our T shirts.

For Everybody

We have a club Fleece Tracksuit top, T shirt and kit bag. Which we will be adding to the website soon. But are available from me in the club.

Please make sure to measure your child carefully, using the size guides below.

Then, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, we will then email you back to confirm we have received your order and confirm the price. If you are happy with this email pay via bank transfer (details will be in the confirmation email) and we will then place the order. Please note we will not be holding a stock in the club as yet. I will be placing orders once per week.

If you have more than one item to buy, please fill in the form for each item.

Size chart